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LMR-400® | N Female - RP-SMA Male

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Shipping from The Netherlands.

LMR-400 Cables – Low Loss Helium Interconnect

Previously Hotspot devices in Europe had a higher Power Output rating. Now that there is a new restriction on output power in Europe, it has never been more important to use LMR-400 Cable assemblies as the perfect low loss interconnect.

Previously, “RG” type coaxial Cables were used between the Helium Devices and antennas.  RG cables are now a very undesired option due to their very high loss characteristics – combined with their ability to increase their Attenuation over time – directly resulting in degraded Hotspot range and coverage.

LMR-400 Vs RG-58

  • RG-58 cable RF Signal Insertion Loss over 10 Metres at EU 868 MHz  Frequency is nominally  5.2 dB (that’s only 56.4% efficiency)
  • LMR-400 Loss over 10 Metres at EU 868 MHz Frequency: 1.4dB (Much higher coverage, 74.8% efficiency!)
  • HHS-400 Loss over 10 Metres at EU 868 MHz Frequency: 1.45dB

The difference between the two is 3.8 dB’s – even 3 dB’s is a huge improvement of x 2 the Power Output, this is a very dramatic performance boost!

We recommend sealing the connectors when using outdoors. All connectors are weatherproof, but extra protection is always a good idea to improve the antenna and cable lifetime.